The Renewed World.. 

A planned  triumph..

Trump and His Team have been working to restore a future for humanity. 



Our world has been hell on earth. 
So much evil amongst the light of good. 

NESARA and GESARA a worldwide economic reset decide for yourself if you think it’s a blessing from God, or a false peace and prosperity from Satan that is the mark of the beast system.

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GESARA  an acronym for Global Economic Security and Reformation Act. The following items must be accomplished straight away:

A) The global and public proclamation of a Global Jubilee, or debt forgiveness.

B) Implementation of GESARA as a universal constitutional framework for global governance in all 209 sovereign nations per the signed 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, starting with the restored Republic of the United States.

1. Restore Constitutional Law in Republic of the United Sates of America.

2. Remove USA, Inc. administration officials and all members of the US Congress from their positions due to their continuous unconstitutional actions.

3. Forces the USA, Inc.’s President, the Vice-President, Cabinet members, and all members of Congress to leave office.

4) Suspends all elections everywhere in the world, at all sovereign levels of government.

5) Allows new Republic of the United States appointees to temporarily govern the country’s affairs until fair and legal elections can be held.

6) Allows Republic military law enforcement to physically remove or eliminate any obstacle impeding GESARA law.

7) Allows the Republic Congress to implement the natural Constitutional Line of Succession.

8) Eliminates all “states of emergency” thus declaring peace for every land abiding by GESARA and it’s Alliance.

9) Forces the US military to immediately remove troops from all sovereign nations who no longer willingly accept them to reside on their soil. That includes Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and the Philippines.

10) Zeroing out of credit card balances and bank debt relief worldwide. More: Exclusive: Do you know about NESARA? I bet you DON’T, but it’s about time you DO!

11) Activates the Republic’s Treasury Bank and Republic Treasury, along with a gold backed USN currency printed and overseen by the Republic of the United States and not the Federal Reserve, which would be marginalized until eliminated.

12) Federal Income Taxes lies will be abolished, as will the old tax code; and new easier, simpler and global tax code will be implemented on non-essential items. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items, are exempt from the sales tax.

13) The IRS, FEMA, Shadow Government Lobbyists will all be jailed, arrested or worse.

14) Creates a 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government.

15) Increases benefits to senior citizens and makes them permanent.

16) Establishes new Presidential and Congressional candidates within 120 days after G.E.S.A.R.A.’s announcement. An interim government will quietly be put in place as to handle the nation’s affairs until new leaders can be democratically elected.

17) International Monitors will be present to prevent illegal voter ballot stuffing or fraudulent election activities of special interest groups.

18) A new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals will be issued into public circulation.

19) Eliminates birth certificate records to be used as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

20) Restores financial privacy globally.

21) Resets all judges and attorneys back to Constitutional Law.

22) Ceases all aggressive, government military actions worldwide–including the Middle East.

23) Establishes peace throughout the world as monitored by the UN Security Council.

24) Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes across planet earth.

25) Enables release of thousands of hidden patents for suppressed technologies currently held under the guise of national security–including free energy devices, anti-gravity and sonic healing machines.

N.E.S.A.R.A is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

N.E.S.A.R.A is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It was to be announced the morning of September 11th, 2001. Yes, this is true. 

RestoredRepublic via a GCR - click link below for many articles 

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 News on Implementation of                          GESARA

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Q Research General #8508: Pray Edition

Gold-asset-backed currencies

Only gold-or asset backed currencies that have a digital gold or asset certificate can be transferred through the QFS. The certificate will reference a serial number on a piece of gold or asset held in reserve to back the currency. Off-world technologies are used to quarantine the gold and or assets used to back currencies. There is no way it can be stolen or taken out of the secure vaults where it is stored. That is why it is called a gold-backed currency, it has to reference back to the piece of gold or asset that is backing it.

References to 'asset-backed currencies' is the process of establishing a currency based on assets within the country of origin. Assets are the justification to establish the amount of currency available in a country, but all denominations of currencies must be accepted within the QFS and given a gold/asset certificate to be active within the QFS.

If the assets are mined or extracted from the earth, they will be sold on the marketplace as with any other commodity. This process is complicated and no simple task to accomplish. But it is a process that is necessary to ensure value to the worldwide currencies being used in the QFS.

Any fiat currencies that cannot be designated as being clean, clear, non-terroristic, or not clearly originating from legal activities, are disqualified, which are most, if not all fiat paper currencies. Fiat currencies can consequently not become legal in the QFS.

Fiat currencies already in possession at the time of full-scale implementation of the QFS, received whilst doing legal business, will be exchanged for gold-backed currencies at the bank.

The procedure here is called 'reconciliation', qualifying the money transfer as being either legal or illegal, and will be carried out by a benevolent conscious entity from the 5th dimension.

The confirmation and revelation of this benevolent component of the QFS, will be the assurance and proof of a one hundred percent benign secure neutral transfer system.

Without the ability to reconcile old fiat money into the new QFS, all Central Bank activities will cease to have any relevance within this new financial system. Any country that is not GESARA compliant will be left out of the QFS and will eventually be left out of international trade. Non-compliant countries, if any, will be left to barter commodities or work out a credit exchange with other countries, a system that is not presently set up to do business at any level of relevance.

GCR - Global Currency Reset

Each country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS. The Alliance will use a specific quantitative formula to establish the amount of currency available, "in a country," which is to be gold-backed in the QFS. The results of the formula will establish a fair value of each country's assets as compared to another. There is far more gold than needed to accomplish the gold-backing of all world currencies. Once established through the GCR, the price of gold will become irrelevant.

If the price of gold goes up, the value of all currencies will go up as well, resulting in no net change to the par value of all currencies. The formula includes, in ground assets, the economy of the country, its population - which is one of the country's assets, and a number of other parameters to determine the value of the country's currency. This formula is to be applied to each country so that all currencies will be on par value with all other countries. The application of the formula and the common value of all gold, means that one country's currency has to have the same value as another country's currency. This is called the Global Currency Reset - the reset of all currencies on par with all other world currencies and they each have a gold certificate to validate authenticity. It is the requirement of each country to use the reset formula and apply the worldwide standards, so that the QFS is able to function as planned. That is why a country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS.


This new Quantum Financial System – QFS runs on a quantum computer, based on an orbiting satellite, and is protected by Secret Space Programs to ensure that it cannot be hacked. The quantum technology was provided by benevolent extraterrestrial Galactics. The purpose of the new financial system is to put an end to Cabal corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking world. The key is to implement limitations that will prevent corrupted banksters from gaining significant profits.


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Q Research General #1094: O Captain, My Captain, Mercy?? Edition

"The Quantum Financial system ends corrupt Cabal central banking. QFS runs on a quantum computer, based on an orbiting satellite, and is protected by Secret Space Programs to ensure that it cannot be hacked."

I'm not endorsing any of this. Trying to digest it.

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Q Research General #8924: Who is laughing now Bil Mahr? Edition


Overview Part 2

That liberating technology I told you about before is coming, like right now.
The technology is largely based off of Nikola Tesla and John Trump's research. It isn't quite "free energy" but it's close. People will pay for the power in a one time purchase while they are purchasing the item that uses the energy.
Essentially the Earth is one giant dynamo and the energy can be transmitted safely from one location to any other location on Earth without wires or cables across a Zenneck wave. There are inconsistencies with this power transfer system though. This power transfer can be a little inconsistant at times and in places. As a result, it became imperative to develop robust navigation and back up battery systems for this next generation tech.
The primary tech infrastructure is currently being developed by Viziv Technologies, while the navigation and battery backup systems are being developed by Tesla Motors. The technology is already functional. They've been revealing the evidence of that fact in the form of credible UFO sighting footage on main stream media.
July 4th 2019 was the big "victory over the Cabal" celebration in Washington D.C.
I had to be there for that.
In the near future (weeks/months) we should see the fall of the Duetche Bank intentionally trigger the collapse of the global fiat currency system. At that time Trump and other global leaders will implement a new quantum Financial System (QFS) which is so precise that nobody can cheat the system. (Also a discovery that was suppressed by the Cabal.)
The QFS will involve gold backed currency which will render the central banks worthless.
JFK Jr should also be crawling out of the woodwork here pretty soon.