Updated: Nov 30, 2021

SYDNEY PROTEST! Waltzing Matilda!

World Wide Rally For Freedom: SYDNEY - LIVE

Live from Sydney- signal was jammed by NSW Police resulting in inferior quality

Sydney CBD gridlocked with Beautiful Aussies

Sydney: Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo Bosi recites the Lord's prayer with 100,000 protesters..

An amazing moment at yesterdays' freedom rally in Sydney

Sydney Protests: MSM media changing their tune ?

My Protest View!!!

We are almost there. Aussies be proud our time has come to tare down the halls of corruption and tyranny

At last the people have stepped out of their fear and the story unfolds.

we will not have our inalienable rights taken by tyrannical government and bureaucrats.

I personally have called this a scam from the very beginning, ridiculed and ostricised by some for trying to warn and educate family and friends for years about the NWO and this scamdemic, sending information via email or social media and sharing from this blog, of course so many wouldn't listen and sadly took the jab. I can finally hold my head up high knowing that everything I researched I was right in standing by for truth and my convictions. Thank you to all who are a part of this journey with me. It has been a team effort and I have made many wonderful friends on this journey. My strongest belief has always been that Australia would be the country to lead the world to a wonderful time of peace and prosperity. I know that her people have the strength and conviction to do this. We will be held in the highest esteem because we know how to prove our worth and to stand with our fellow countrymen when the battle cry calls us to fight for all we are as a nation. To the world we are but one, to all nations we are family.

From small beginnings of fearless protestors in so few numbers over the start of covid 2019. The crowd of people has grown and have finally seen that the poison injections are just that and more. We must continue to rally towards change. Unite in Victory and restore our country to it's people.

The Lion has woken. Hear it's Roar....

To all the heroes in Victoria thank you for holding the line.

To Sydney warriors thank you for uniting as one indissoluble people and to all the little towns, States and territories of this great nation God Bless! and thank you for making this a momentous march to victory and freedom from the shackles of hell.

We all must continue. Next week in the Millions march - show your loved ones and friends what we can achieve and ask them to join us all next saturday.

From this weekend till Christmas I'll be there. Give up your weekends or give up your freedoms!

20th November - World Wide Rally

27th November - Millions March

12th December - #ReclaimTheLine


In every town and suburb if you cannot make it to your capital city then create your own circle of patriots. Make your placards and take videos and stream it onto your own social media posts and create a circle of unity across this great Southern land.

This is our Victory March to a new and amazing future.

What has been done cannot be undone. But we are strong and we will help all those who have been coerced and lied to and we will heal this land.

Right now we need and must help our beloved first nation people as they are being genocided, right under our noses.


They are being forced/coerced to take the poison and being denied and medical assistance..

SOS to all caring Australians


I am so proud of my countrymen today Namaste'


SOS to all caring Australians - please go to link to read full story and how you can help

Call out for food and water in Boggabilla

Reports from families outside Boggabilla have come in informing us mob cant leave unless they are double jabbed and lot of em against it too

We are calling on all humanitarian groups, black organisations and allies to rally together to get essentials to this community as quickly as we can.

Please share this message as far and wide as possible

For those being bribed to get the jab just to have access to essentials, here is a stat dec and notice of non consent. Sign the stat dec in front of a JP and try to use these documents to access essentials.

I tried to go gundy yesterday but wasn’t allowed to , no proper food here gotta go servo for hot chips and gravy all time it’s fucked.

Drop off point for food and water is the Primary School South Street Boggabilla NSW

Important documents by


I am adding this important message from a lady On social media of whom I am friends.

As above urgent call - This is what is happening in the Pilbara region.

SOS -Pilbara

Happening in the Pilbara 22nd Nov tomorrow. Original Sovereign Tribal Federation - OSTF shared a post. Admin · 4m · "I have some pretty bad news. A friend of mine who is on leave from Army said they are bit broken. They was part of a large deployment up far Nth to surround an aboriginal community. They said multiple units were ordered to surround aboriginal village to stop any escaping. They said a lot of colleagues, were disgusted as they had to watch the indingenous being forced down and held and jabbed by the medical millitary. A lot of them were disgusted at the orders given to them. I ask why didn't you stand down. Millitary are suppose to protect the people not harm them against their will. This is treason. So fkn angry. This person is suffering PTSD. On leave from it. They have been warned that if the disobey ,ramifications will be implimented. Some millitary are breaking down. I was so absolutely angry. I asked why are you disclosing this. They said because they are going to start with indigenous first and it will be covered up and silenced . I said that they and those commanders and cunts above them are committing treason. At first I thought they was taking the piss out of me. But they weren't. They confided because it is messing with some of their heads. Some are on leave as they rotate for stress. Absolutely fkn disgusted. Treason . They can get themself in a lot of trouble now for telling me this. I am sick to the stomach. If they are doing this to indigenous by force what the fk are they going to do with suburbians. I am very deeply disurbed and stressed out."


We are One, but we are Many, And from all the lands on Earth we come, We share a dream and sing with One Voice, I am, you are, we are Australian.


towards the end of this blog is some extra information..

this must be heard as distressing as it is. The people must here these testimonies

Imagine...our doctors have to hide their faces to tell us the truth about adverse COVID-19 vaccine reactions... 4 Health care professionals are features and 1 patient who experienced adverse reactions.


More n Pictures of the Sydney People Rally.

The Australian people assembled in Hyde Park before spilling into the Streest and walking towards Martin Place where various speakers fronted the rally. Crowds swelled as they held placards and sang to the national anthem. waltzing Matilda and chanted various grievances and freedom calls. A happy mix of all Australians joining together in their freedom day march.