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The Australian Government has Granted Themselves the Powers of a Dictatorship, without Bothering to Ask for Permission or even Telling us.

This is a war of terror, medical, psychological,monetary and enslavement.Your right to Privacy has been stolen, even after following all the health Officer directives and mandates You are being constantly gaslighted, even after the scamdemic has eased ,with the double vaccinated given privileges of freedom. The freedom,liberties, and privacy stolen from the Australian people has not been restored. The Government has become much worse pushing draconian rules/laws

unconscionable and unconstitutionally through parliament. Be warned!!Enjoy your small window of being let out of your cage to smell a resemblance of freedom, because this is a set up and much worse is to come before the Year ends. It all relies on each Australian individual to awake to the planned genocide and stop this fateful game of Russian roulette, with the lives of our people.



It is high time you turned off the

TEL- LIE - VISION, and quickly learn what little rights you have left and the rights you have given up due to your fear, apathy and selfishness.

WE MUST HAVE A MASSIVE AWAKENING ! If there is to be a survival of our future and the children.


Good morning. I just received this information- 19/11/21 7.am

Please do your own research- sharing the following intel as sent to me

It reads:

I feel this is pretty accurate as they all seem to be folding . Dennis Lane.

To add to this a girlfriend of mine who fled Melbourne sent a message from a friend of hers. He was happy that we share this as it is important…………

Ok, this is a lot of info from a former senior, second battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Officer. I asked his thoughts on what is going on?

Here is his reply (we can see Australia is owned by USA)

I’m very well connected to Ex SASR, Ex Commando and Ex CIA operators as well as the head of ONI Australia.

USA has a huge foreign debt. China is calling in the debt.

China wanted Australia and New Zealand as payment to cancel the debt.

The Biden Administration agreed until the US Navy said NO in no uncertain terms and knowing Australia needs submarines the US Navy and USMC negotiated with Biden Administration to allow Australia US made nuclear powered conventionally weaponised non-nuclear submarines because the Bankers who control the ball-game saw they could make more money by allowing Australia, India, Japan and South Korea US made submarines.

Subsequently Australia narrowly avoided becoming controlled by China.

China being a Confucian nation does not practice forgiveness, instead Confucianism preaches never forget, never forgive, always eventually revenge.

In John Howards second term, in 1998 the 2IC of China came to Australia and made it unequivocally clear that China will exact revenge on the Taiwanese nation home they view as Capitalistic traitors who fled China under Chairman Mao Zedong, Former President of the Peoples Republic of China’s “Great Leap Forward” in 1958, killed all the landowners, consequently suffered famine, 30+ million Chinese people starved to death, so much for the “Great Leap Forward”

China will go to war with Taiwan, This threatens Japan as USA rebuilt Japan after WW2.

When Japan bombed Pear Harbor, the USA returned the favor a few weeks later by bombing Tokyo with The Doolittle Raid, the Mitchell bomber aircraft ditching in the Sea of Japan or Chinese mainland.

Japan had already invaded China pre-ww2 and sent another 200,000 troops and they murdered, exterminated 400,000 Chinese citizens of any villages and towns that helped the Doolittle Raid flying crews to escape capture and make their way back to the West coast of Russia and the Baltic States not under Nazi control.

China has had a long beef with Japan, many centuries long; if Taiwan falls it will jeopardize US fiscal investment in Japan.

The US Navy will not allow Taiwan to fall. The US Navy will destroy the Chinese Navy, but hold short of escalating the conflict to Chinese Mainland invasion.

In 1982 a former ASIS operator in Vietnam and Cambodia told us when the Berlin Wall would come down. I was astonished when it happened in 1991.

I have no reason to doubt his other claim, that China will invade Taiwan, and China will slow USA to invade North Korea to eliminate the North Korean threat to China.

USA fiscal dominance and Banking system is in death throes, hence why Pharmaceutical, Industrial Estate and Vaccine Manufacturers are running amok coercing citizens to be jabbed.

I worked under Pete Cosgrove Australian Governor General.

I understand mobile phones 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

I understand 2014 and the 5G specifications and concurrently in 2014 Bill Gates and Elon Musk research into Graphene Oxide. I understand what they are doing with 5G wanting to turn people into Integrated Biological AI via Spike Protein as antenna, transmitter receiver, Graphene Oxide as a capacitor and Nano components that literally build internal nano circuit card cities inside the human body.

I have already seen it happen in Real-time self assembling in Live blood analysis from Astra Zeneca vials.

It can be stopped with HydroxyChloroquine, Azithramiacin, Zinc, ZPac or Ivermetcin.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews just allocated an extra 350 million to Victorian Hospital ED depts. For the next 12 months.

They are expecting an influx of double jabbed SARS/CoV2 variant symptomatic sufferers just like Israel, Gibraltar that other nations are already experiencing.

Victoria currently treat only the double jabbed symptomatic Emergency Dept admissions with Ivermetcin. I have read physical discharged summaries from symptomatic nurses who were disgusted the original Covid cases are still denied Ivermetcin if they are not double jabbed.

Premier Andrews has been served on a charge of Treason and will front the magistrate’s court on December 19th. Their day of Reckoning is coming for all of them.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has already gone. As you know she resigned. But it was forced upon her. (see my previous blog - Daniel Andrews has been served.... https://www.imacogindewheeloflife.com/post/australias-battle-cry-vic-dan-s-demise-we-fight-we-win-defeat-we-are-warriors )

ICAC is investigating her and she will be lucky to avoid jail because her secret boyfriend, the former member for Wagga Wagga Daryl McGuire was busted by AFP, bribing Chinese investors for massive under the table financial kickbacks.

He will swing in jail for about a decade.

Notice how its all unraveling only since the submarine deal.

US Navy saved Australia.

Our Federal Government.

Please continue - read genocide of W.A children...

People You must awake from your slumber if you haven't already and stand as one united. We are the glue to stop the planned genocide of our country. Do Not be in fear... raise your vibration ... love one another.... protect and pray.




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https://rumble.com/vp1bab-this-pivotal-moment-episode-1.html (17 min video)

This Pivotal Moment - Episode 1

The proposed global rollout of Vaccine Passports has nothing to do with your health. Vaccine Passports are a Trojan horse being used to create a completely new type of controlled and surveilled society in which the freedom we enjoy today will be a distant memory. It's time to stop this plan in its tracks .

RumbleWe, everyone to watch this video regardless of your views... we wonder who will actually take 15 mins to watch? will you just roll your eyes and say you don't have time? You are the ones that should watch it the most, if you still can't see what is happening and you don't stand for yourself, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren you will be sleepwalking them right into the pits of hell, don't ever say you didn't know or were not warned!!


bY Jeff Bell, This is an excellent and I would even say crucial video for us to watch  and share.  Most people are so focused on the virus and on the actual  health policies it is used to justify that they do not see the bigger  picture.    As a world-wide species we are on the brink of becoming de-facto slaves.   "Progress" in that direction has already been beyond whatever ability  to imagine that most of us have.   And it seems to be accelerating.   My  perception is that we are truly running out of time.     Soon none of the concerns we are so focused on and that occupy almost  all of the public discourse about the state of our world and the state  of human civilization will not matter.   Those surviving humans will be  slaves, outcasts or elites.   The elites will number few.     If we do not find a way to stop this, and quickly at that, which group  will you be in?  How will you feel about our world?  Please share this video.   We need a massive shift and awakening if  there is to be any hope for most of us.

continue to

pfizer-inc-covid-19-vaccine-contract (1)



Freedom media W.A

Student Injection at Lakeside Joondalup...Do they really know?


It is happening in W.A, do not think for one moment it is not planned for all Australian states,

Your children are in DANGER!

Please see the following email and attachments regarding genocide planned In Margaret river Shire. W.A

I received this email on 17/11/21

It is quite long but an Urgent matter concerning the genocide of Australians- This is an Urgent call to the people of the world the people from the land down under are being deliberately Violated against all human Rights - We are being Forced to be Jabbed by a bio-weapon to depopulate this nation


S&K M 17 November 2021 at 20:49

I Received the following from a Friend in W.A



Dear"Phil Lynch",

Director, International Service for Human Rights.






As-we-are-AWARE-AUTONOMY-is-VITAL-in-the-development-of-individuals-ESPECIALLY-children-still-developing.-"Situations that give autonomy as opposed to taking it away also have a similar link to motivation. Studies looking at choice have found that increasing a participant's options and choices increases their intrinsic motivation"









I-have-been-working-incredibly-hard-as-a-"Human-Rights-Advocate-and-DEFENDER"-for-a-very-long-time.-I-personally-know-how-difficult-it-is-to-make-PROGRESS-within-the-current-system-Governing-Australia-as-is-let-alone-now-being-subject-to-such-cruel-and-inhumane-treatment.-I-am-writing-this-to-you-with-such-late-notice-of-the-actions-propsed-by-our-local-high school-that-I-must-apologize-for-the-lack-of-content-included-as-I-literally-do-not-have-enough-time!-I-have-attached-an-OFFICIAL-signed-letter-from-the-Australian-Prime-Minister-Scott-Morrison-stating-"No-Australian-will-be-forced-to-take-a-Covid19-Vaccine".-






The-following-is-hopefully-to-better-inform-the-community-and-those-responsible-for-Targeting-our-beautiful-small-country-community.-This-email-is-an-official-statement/report-of-concern-regarding-the-deliberate-violation-of-human-rights-abuse-we-are-facing-daily-which-is-spiralling-out-of-control-whilst-the-Australian-Government/Thaiwan/U.S.A.-gear-up-for-war?-I-will-archive-this-alongside-the-official="INTERNATIONAL-STATEMENT-RAISING-THE-PANDEMIC-AS-A-NATIONAL-SECURITY-THREAT-TO-AUSTRALIA-CHINA-and-AMERICA,-alongside-the-threat-which-its-posing-to-global-PEACE...This-statement-has-been-recorded-in-Audio-format-and-if-you-would-like-a-copy-along side-any-of-the-work-which-has-been-done-please-don't-hesitate-to-ask-as-I-am-more-than-happy-to-contribute-to-helping.

Self-determination theory

Humanistic psychology has been influential in the creation of SDT.[9] Humanistic psychology is interested in looking at a person's whole psyche and personal achievement for self-efficacy and self-actualization. Whether or not an individual's self-efficacy and self-actualization are fulfilled can affect their motivation.[10] To this day, it may be difficult for a parent, coach, mentor, and teacher to motivate and help others complete specific tasks and goals. SDT acknowledges the importance of the interconnection of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations as a means of motivation to achieve a goal. With the acknowledgment of interconnection of motivations, SDT forms the belief that extrinsic motivations and the motivations of others, such as a therapist, may be beneficial. However, it is more important for individuals to find the "why" behind the desired goal within themselves.[11] According to Sheldon et al., "Therapists who fully endorse self-determination principles acknowledge the limits of their responsibilities because they fully acknowledge that ultimately people must make their own choices" (2003, p. 125).[11] One needs to determine their reasons for being motivated and reaching their goal. SDT comprises The Organismic Dialectic approach, which is a meta-theory, and a formal theory containing six mini-theories focusing on the connection between

extrinsic and intrinsic motivations within society and an individual.[12] SDT centers around the belief that human nature shows persistent positive features, with people repeatedly showing effort, agency, and commitment in their lives that the theory calls inherent growth tendencies.[9]"Self-determination also has a more personal and psychology-relevant meaning today: the ability or process of making one’s own choices and controlling one’s own life."[13] The use of one's personal agency to determine behavior and mindset will help an individual's choices.

The organismic dialectical perspective

The organismic dialectical perspective sees all humans as active organisms interacting with their environment. People are actively growing, striving to overcome challenges, and creating new experiences. While endeavoring to become unified from within, individuals also become part of social structures.[14][15] SDT also suggests that people have innate psychological needs that are the basis for self-motivation and personality integration. Through further explanation, individuals search for fulfillment in their 'meaning of life.' Discovering the meaning of life constitutes a distinctive desire someone has to find purpose and an aim in their lives, which enhances their perception of themselves and their surroundings.[16] Not only does SDT tend to focus on innate psychological needs, it also focuses on the pursuit of goals, the effects of the success in their goals, and the outcome of goals.[14]

Basic psychological needs

One mini-theory of SDT includes basic psychological needs theory which proposes three basic psychological needs that must be satisfied to foster well-being and health.[17] These three psychological needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness are generally universal (i.e., apply across individuals and situations). However, some needs may be more salient than others at certain times and be expressed differently based on time, culture, or experience. SDT identifies three innate needs that, if satisfied, allow optimal function and growth:


· Desire to be causal agents of one's own life and act in harmony with one's integrated self; however, note this does not mean to be independent of others, but rather constitutes a feeling of overall psychological liberty and freedom of internal will. When a person is autonomously motivated their performance, wellness, and engagement is heightened rather than if a person is told what to do (a.k.a. control motivation).[20][21]

Deci[22] found that offering people extrinsic rewards for behavior that is intrinsically motivated undermined the intrinsic motivation as they grow less interested in it. Initially intrinsically motivated behavior becomes controlled by external rewards, which undermines their autonomy. In further research by Amabile, DeJong and Lepper,[23] other external factors also appear to cause a decline in such motivation. For example, it is shown that deadlines restrict and control an individual which decreases their intrinsic motivation in the process.

Situations that give autonomy as opposed to taking it away also have a similar link to motivation. Studies looking at choice have found that increasing a participant's options and choices increases their intrinsic motivation.[24] Direct evidence for the innate need comes from Lübbecke and Schnedler[25] who find that people are willing to pay money to have caused an outcome themselves. Additionally, satisfaction or frustration of autonomy impacts not only an individual's motivation, but also their growth. This satisfaction or frustration further affects behavior, leading to optimal wellbeing, or unfortunate illbeing.[21]

· Desire to be causal agents of one's own life and act in harmony with one's integrated self; however, note this does not mean to be independent of others, but rather constitutes a feeling of overall psychological liberty and freedom of internal will. When a person is autonomously motivated their performance, wellness, and engagement is heightened rather than if a person is told what to do (a.k.a.

· control motivation.[20][21]


· Will to interact with, be connected to, and experience caring for others.[32]

See also: Belongingness

During a study on the relationship between infants' attachment styles, their exhibition of mastery-oriented behaviour, and their affect during play, Frodi, Bridges and Grolnick[33] failed to find significant effects: "Perhaps somewhat surprising was the finding that the quality of attachment assessed at 12 months failed to significantly predict either mastery motivation, competence, or affect 8 months later, when other investigators have demonstrated an association between similar constructs ..." Yet they note that larger sample sizes could be able to uncover such effects: "A comparison of the secure/stable and the insecure/stable groups, however, did suggest that the secure/stable group was superior to the insecure/stable groups on all mastery-related measures. Obviously, replications of all the attachment-motivation relations are needed with different and larger samples."

Deci and Ryan claim that there are three essential elements of the theory:[20]

1. Humans are inherently proactive with their potential and mastery of their inner forces (such as drives and emotions)

2. Humans have an inherent tendency toward growth development and integrated functioning

3. Optimal development and actions are inherent in humans but they do not happen automatically

In an additional study focusing on the relatedness of adolescents, connection to other individuals' predisposed behaviors from relatedness satisfaction or frustration. The fulfillment or dissatisfaction of relatedness either promotes necessary psychological functioning or undermines developmental growth through deprivation. Across both study examples, the essential need for nurturing from a social environment goes beyond obvious and simple interactions for adolescents and promotes the actualization of inherent potential.[34][20]

If this happens, there are positive consequences (e.g. well-being and growth) but if not, there are negative consequences (e.g. dissatisfaction and deprivation). SDT emphasizes humans' natural growth toward positive motivation, development, and personal fulfillment.[35][36]However, this prevents the SDT's purpose if the basic needs go unfulfilled. Although thwarting of an individual's basic needs might occur, recent studies argue that such prevention has its own influence on well-being.[35]


SDT claims to give a different approach to motivation, considering what motivates a person at any given time as opposed to seeing motivation as a unitary concept. SDT makes distinctions between different types of motivation and the consequences of them. White[28] and deCharms[19] proposed that the need for competence and autonomy is the basis of intrinsic motivation and behaviour. This is a link between people's basic needs and their motivations.

Intrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation is the natural, inherent drive to seek out challenges and new possibilities that SDT associates with cognitive and social development.[37]

Cognitive evaluation theory (CET)[38] is a sub-theory of SDT that specifies factors explaining intrinsic motivation and variability with it and looks at how social and environmental factors help or hinder intrinsic motivations. CET focuses on the needs of competence and autonomy. CET is offered as an explanation of the phenomenon known as motivational "crowding out."

Claiming social context events like feedback on work or rewards lead to feelings of competence and so enhance intrinsic motivations. Deci[18] found positive feedback enhanced intrinsic motivations and negative feedback diminished it. Vallerand and Reid[30] went further and found that these effects were being mediated by perceived control.

Autonomy, however, must accompany competence for people to see their behaviours as self determined by intrinsic motivation. There must be immediate contextual support for both needs or inner resources based on prior development support for both needs for this to happen.[39]

CET and intrinsic motivation is also linked to relatedness through the hypothesis that intrinsic motivation flourishes if linked with a sense of security and relatedness. Grolnick and Ryan[40] found lower intrinsic motivation in children who believed their teachers to be uncaring or cold and so not fulfilling their relatedness needs.

Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation comes from external sources. Deci and Ryan[38] developed organismic integration theory (OIT), as a sub-theory of SDT, to explain the different ways extrinsically motivated behaviour is regulated.

OIT details the different forms of extrinsic motivation and the contexts in which they come about. The context of such motivation concerns the SDT theory as these contexts affect whether the motivations are internalised and so integrated into the sense of self.