You need to read this report! Stay asleep or wake up! the Awakening!Warnings Revealed

The endgame was to shut the world down. It was never about a pandemic it’s about control, destruction of our civil liberties, destroying the currencies so they can implement

The Great Reset by the elitiists YOUR"VE BEEN CONNED!!!!

The roadmap hidden from the public that the Cabal has taken and devised to do all the opposites to destroy God’s mass. The arrows aimed at destroying the family unit, destroying the minds of youth through education that serves a lowering of intellect, a mass movement of memorizing what is and removing creative thinking and intelligence outside of the box they have all of the masses placed within. To open it indeed would be Pandora’s fall. For to open it exposes all the lies, the deceit, thefts, and evil maneuvers to enslave mankind in the most vile and wicked ways ever imagined. So what can be done?OPEN IT – OPEN IT WIDE AND EXPOSE THE DECEIT THAT IT CONTAINS.FOLLOW THE MONEY TO THE EVIL CABAL AND THE DESIRES OF THEIR UTOPIA THAT ONLY EXISTS IF THE BOX IS KEPT SHUT TIGHT

....this AMAZING story will

(Open Your Minds, Heart and Eyes YOU will Learn the Secret kept hidden from Man)


At a time when the world could have been lit up for free, by the advancements of Nikola Tesla, the Great Merchants of the earth saw the marvel and hid it for their own devices. Today all technology stems from the knowledge God instilled inside of Tesla, and he feverishly laid out for the world…only to be STOLEN by the Cabal and used devilishly for their own evil devices.

The Cabal knew this and hid it…until this last generation it has now been revealed along with other knowledge that was buried in secret away from public view. CENSORED!

God’s complex system of creation and the creation of man’s energy and relationship with God.





The Anglo-Saxon Mission :

the Third World War and

the Inheritance of the New World

February 2010

Bill Ryan Project Camelot and Project Avalon

I shared this video message in one of very earlier blogs, not sure which one

but it most worthy to share it again. as you will see the warnings are revelent as it was then as it is more today. YOU WON"T BE:IEVE IT! BUT what he says is ringing true the events ocurring today...

What our source reports is this:

There is a planned Third World War, which will be nuclear and biological. Our source believes that this is on track to be initiated within the next 18-24 months. It is planned to begin with a strike by Israel on Iran. Either Iran or China will be provoked into a nuclear response. After a brief nuclear exchange, there will be a ceasefire. The world will be thrown into fear and chaos - all carefully engineered. The extreme state of tension will be used to justify heavy social and military controls in all western first world nations. Plans are already in place for that. During the nuclear ceasefire, there is planned to be a covert release of biological weapons. These will initially be targeted against the Chinese. As our source chillingly told us, "China will catch a cold". Biological warfare will spread further, to the west. Infrastructure will be critically weakened. This is intended to be just the beginning. After this, a full nuclear exchange would be triggered: the "real" war, with widespread destruction and loss of life. Our source tells us that the planned population reduction through these combined means is 50%. He heard this figure stated in the meeting.

This horrific scenario has been planned for generations. The first two world wars were part of the set-up for this final apocalypse - as is the centralization of financial resources that was precipitated with the equally well-planned financial collapse of October 2008.

As if all this were not enough, our source speculates this is all set against the backdrop of a coming "geophysical event" - the same kind of event as was experienced by our ancestors approximately 11,500 years ago. If this event occurs - not necessarily expected in 2012, but sometime in the next decade - it would destroy civilization as we know it, dwarfing even the effects of a nuclear war.

I asked the question to our source: If there's an expected catastrophe, then why initiate a Third World War? His answer, for the first time to me, made terrible sense.

The real goal, he explained, is to set up the post-catastrophic world. To ensure that this "New World" [note the term] is the one the controllers want, totalitarian control structures need to be in place when the catastrophe occurs - with an excuse that the populace will accept and demand them. Martial law in the right, carefully chosen countries before the catastrophe occurs will enable the "right" people to survive and prosper in the post-catastrophic world, and the beginning of the next 11,500 year cycle. What may have been carefully planned on a covert global scale, for the last several generations, is nothing less than who will inherit the Earth.

Who are the "right" people? The white Caucasians. This may be why the name of this project is The Anglo-Saxon Mission. Hence the justification for the planned genocide of the Chinese people - so that the New World is inherited by "us", not "them".

Our source was not informed about the planned fate of the second and third world countries such as those in South America, Africa and Asia. But he presumes that these would be allowed to fend for themselves and probably not survive well - or maybe not at all. The totalitarian military governments of the western, white, people are set to be the inheritors.

This is a plan so evil, so racist, so diabolical, so huge, that it almost defies belief. But it all aligns with what many commentators, researchers and whistleblowing insiders have been identifying for some years now. For me personally, it's the clearest picture yet of why the world is the way it is, and why the secrets are protected so fiercely: it may be all about racial supremacy. The Fourth Reich is alive and well.

Astonishingly, our source was not pessimistic. He stressed, as do we and many other researchers and commentators, that consciousness is awakening rapidly all over the planet and that THESE PLANNED EVENTS ARE NOT INEVITABLE. If ever there was a reason to work closely together to raise awareness of the real threat to us all, this is it.

Watch this video, listen carefully to the strong message of hope and encouragement, and spread it far and wide. We plan to create subtitles in many languages - including Chinese. We stand for the potential magnificence of a united humanity that knows no racial boundaries or distinctions. Whether or not the catastrophe occurs - and many, including ourselves, maintain that it will not - we must co-create our own future, claim our power, and do whatever we can to alert people to the dangers around us... so that we can be stronger together, for the sake of our descendants and for the heritage of all living beings on Planet Earth.

We All Need To Be Ready' - Elon Musk Greatest Warning (2021) Population Collapse

  • We are NOT "overpopulated" for so many reasons ... (international) mismanagement is one of them!

If humanity were not unnecessary attacked on their health on sooooooo many levels last decades (including erratic pulse microwaves) and real (revolutionary) solutions (suppressed inventions) not be criminalized, silenced or covered up.

~ Imagine a farmer crippling its livestock then "complaining" they do not walk fast enough!

Part of humanity is destined to go to (live on) other planets thus making more space here anyway! ... How many different aliens are already interacting with us and could help us not staying on Earth? Just like a flower seeding elsewhere ... Earth can do the same but the Psychopathic Technocrats (control freaks) do everything in their power to sabotage that to keep us here (mentally, emotionally & physically) sick, compromised & enslaved on purpose to have a EXCUSE to claim we are "overpopulated".

Almost all natural solutions are dismissed by so called "international authorities" (like W.H.O.) we all being forced in to Agenda 2030 to be artificially micro-managed serving The Great (Dystopian) Reset. All who can expose their false "justifications" for their Tyranny will be dealt with via new insane (unconstitutional) laws & regulations enforced by other slaves helping the status quo.

"The end justifies the means" ... they will use ANY EXCUSE to push their tyrannical dystopian agenda and the (false perception) "overpopulation bomb" is one of them.


We live in a world where we have Hijacked Governments legalizing (protecting)

Corporate Crimes and Criminalizing Real Solutions like:

~ Suppressed Inventions

~ HEMP Revolution

~ Forbidden Cures

~ Study amongst others the Documentary "When Healing Becomes a Crime".

Do you know they can turn a Desert in to an Oases using "Super Absorbers" small pallets mixing it in the earth then use fewer than normal water to start farming?

Do you know they can now convert Seawater in to Drinking water in a cheap way?

In coming decades humans (not with help from aliens) can build 100s of (hurricane proof) giant self-sustainable floating cities and 2/3 of Earth is covered with water ... any idea how much space/room that is? If official CONTACT with Aliens are made 1000s of new ideas are possible to build new cities. I ask you again how big is 2/3 of the Earth? "Not enough space"? ... Did you know that Australia or The State Texas can manage 7 Billion people with the correct (suppressed) technology?

There are 100s of practical solutions IF we all were managed more honestly we would not have ANY problems feeding everybody. Now most farmers are punished & attacked by UN Food rules (intensives, mandates, insane food regulations etc. etc.) all to serve a Worldwide PUSH for Toxic GMO Food Agenda! (obvious part of NWO Depopulation Agenda).

We are "managed" by corrupt & insane psychopaths when it comes to food. And it is global.

Study: corrupt Codex Alimentarius run by over the top control freaks!

See also:

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John Kuhles aka 'ExomatrixTV'


read this profile on Elon Musk

and this comment

Musk is very similar to Gates ... Both front men for the cabal ... Manufactured "Geniuses" ...heroes for the unaware to follow ... Gates supposedly created the information revolution , in reality made sure snooping spyware is in all our computers , and now is saving us with vaccines.

Musk on one hand warns us of the dangers of AI but then creates a company to put wires and chips in our brain...

Their thoughts on population are diametrically opposed ... Gates warning that population is relentlessly rising and suffocating the world with CO2 , while Musk says we're in danger of dying out!!

It's called full spectrum dominance , they put out many options to cater for different tastes , fascism /communism ... labor / tory ..over population/underpopulation ... they control and steer all opinions


What You Should Know About 5G Satellites—How Musk’s Sci-Fi Dreams Are Becoming Our Living Nightmare

APRIL 01, 2020

By Dafna Tachover, Esq

by Onawah

"Companies and governments have plans to launch approximately 50,000 satellites to provide 5G and Wi-Fi services everywhere on Earth. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is leading these efforts with its planned deployment of 42,000 Starlink satellites and its goal of establishing a global network.

To provide service, SpaceX states that it requires an infrastructure of one million on-the-ground antennas to connect its satellites with the ground users. In March 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved SpaceX’s ground antenna application. On 7/31/2020, SpaceX modified its original filing and has asked the FCC to increase this number to five million. Almost 400 satellites have been launched to date. This year, SpaceX plans to accelerate its satellite launches to an average of 120 per month (60 every two weeks). Space X is approaching the threshold number at which it says it can begin supplying 5G coverage from space. This year, SpaceX plans to accelerate its satellite launches to an average of 120 per month (60 every two weeks). In July, the FCC approved 6 Ground Stations to communicate with the satellites – in California, Minnesota, Idaho, Alabama, Georgia and Montana.

These low-orbit satellites not only already contaminate our night skies and interfere with astronomy but also promise to flood Earth with powerful, focused electromagnetic beams that emit radiofrequency (RF) and microwave radiation proven to adversely affect the health of humans, animals and plants. The satellites also may have an impact on Earth’s natural electromagnetic field—essential to all life on our planet—yet no national or international agency has taken action to evaluate, reduce, prevent or publicize the environmental impact of the satellites’ emissions. Meanwhile, significant effects are already occurring.

The FCC has never assessed the impact of radiation emissions from 50,000 satellites or any other existing and potential adverse environmental effects.

FCC complicity

Satellite companies must submit applications to the FCC because satellites use radiofrequencies that are under the agency’s purview. Just like other federal agencies, the FCC is subject to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements, established in 1970, to develop rules enabling it to evaluate the environmental effects of its actions. To meet its procedural responsibilities under NEPA as well as stipulations of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, the FCC, in 1996, adopted non-mandatory exposure standards for wireless radiation. These standards are highly flawed because they only acknowledge thermal but not non-thermal harms and ignore the established harms of pulsed and modulated signals. Moreover, there are no penalties for exceeding the standards.

Funding our own nightmare

The Los Angeles Times has noted that Elon Musk has built his “empire” with billions in U.S. government—that is, taxpayer—subsidies. In 2017, reporters critically noted that “Like a reverse Robin Hood, Musk isn’t robbing from the rich and giving to the poor: He’s robbing from the working class and keeping it for himself.” Now, Musk is seeking an additional $16 billion in government subsidies for SpaceX. We all hope he will not get it, as Musk’s science-fiction dreams are fast becoming our nightmare"

Like Bill Gates, his true character is not at all like that which has been invented by the MSM. See:


If you listen to the Health Ranger Mike Adam on Alex Jones yesterday, he said that a deep state source told him that if Biden’s administration doesn’t reach 70% population vaccination as per UN directive by July 4th, then they will be removed and replaced with someone who will reach that number.

And it would have to be a very extreme scenario to get the rest of the population to comply, because at this point everyone who wants the shot has taken it, and everyone who doesn’t want it, is strongly opposed and that sense of opposition is only increasing as time goes on.

And the Cyber Polygon is scheduled for July 9th where commodities and such (electricity, gas, internet, water, food chain and everything, including pipelines, being able to get gas, banks) go offline only to come back online and be used for people who comply with the NWO social credit system. That would include having been fully vaccinated and only be able to keep having access to it all, if they are up to date with the endless booster injections that will be mandatory at least a few times a year. They also want to shut down all dissident sites like Telegram. Anyone using it would ruin their social credit anyway and be locked out of the system.

Watch the part where they talk about it. Starts at 5:15

Banned.Video (

Americans Must Prepare For A Land Invasion Of The United States

Mike Adams of guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the news of Joe Biden's failure to implement


Q and the department of defence Law War Manual


As Joyce Lawrence states

Great video!!!! Most people are asleep and are afraid of hearing the truth. Through the PANIC-DEMIC" .they are using the greatest fear THE FEAR OF DEATH. When that is triggered most folks will eagerly give up all their freedoms. It will be an INDIVIDUAL AWAKENING, NOT AN ILLUSIONARY PLANETARY AWAKENING, which many folks want to believe. Most will remain asleep. Their Consciousness will awaken only when their Spirit is ready to see the truth. I understand, it's frightening to see that soulless narcissistic psychopaths run this planet..

see video posted further down ...

The U.S. Surgeon General has stated that;

“Even in the worst projections, more people are going to die from cigarette smoking than from #CoronaVirus” this year.

First IMPORTANT! Article

by Jon RappoportJune 29, 2021

Even a robot programmed to “follow the science” would throw up his hands in despair while reading the latest FDA COVID pronouncement.After untold numbers of people have been given antibody tests to determine their COVID status, the FDA now states

:“Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety communication informing the public that results from SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests should not be used to evaluate ... link to article

For Immediate Release:May 19, 2021

The following quote is attributed to Tim Stenzel, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health


“The FDA is reminding the public of the limitations of COVID-19 antibody, or serology, testing and providing additional recommendations about the use of antibody tests in people who received a COVID-19 vaccination. Antibody tests can play an important role in identifying individuals who may have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and may have developed an adaptive immune response. However, antibody tests should not be used at this time to determine immunity or protection against COVID-19 at any time, and especially after a person has received a COVID-19 vaccination. The FDA will continue to monitor the use of authorized SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests for purposes other than identifying people with an adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2 from a recent or prior infection.”

Additional Information

  • Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety communication informing the public that results from SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests should not be used to evaluate immunity or protection from COVID-19 at any time, and especially after the person received a COVID-19 vaccination.

  • The authorized vaccines for prevention of COVID-19 induce antibodies to specific viral protein targets; post-vaccination antibody test results will be negative in individuals without a history of previous natural infection if the test used does not detect the type of antibodies induced by the vaccine.

  • Currently authorized SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests are not validated to evaluate immunity or protection from COVID-19 infection. SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests should be ordered only by health care providers who are familiar with the use and limitations of the test.

and more reporting from Jon Rapport... I suggest you join his mailing list and go to his website

COVID: here come the antibody tests—quick, easy, and insane

by Jon Rappoport
April 5, 2020

There are two worlds. In the first, independent researchers with no conflicts of interest, and, hopefully, a sense of logic, sort out what is actually going on behind propaganda parading as medical research.
In the second world, it’s all official propaganda, wall to wall, posing as science.
This article looks at the second world. It doesn’t mention what I’ve established in prior articles: the unproven discovery of a new virus (COVID); the notoriously useless PCR diagnostic test for the virus, rendering case numbers meaningless; the con-job proposition that COVID is a real disease with one cause, rather than a grouping of people with diverse conditions clustered under one fake umbrella term (COVID).
In the second world, we have the announcement that a new antibody test has been developed to detect COVID-19 virus in people. Millions of test kits have been ordered. Some versions of the test can be self-administered quickly at home.
So let’s go to the mainstream media and see what they, and their medical sources, have to say about the new antibody test. 
Buckle up.
Chicago Tribune, April 3: “A new, different type of coronavirus test is coming that will help significantly in the fight to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors and scientists say.”
“The first so-called serology test, which detects antibodies to the virus rather than the virus itself, was given emergency approval Thursday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”
“The serology test involves taking a blood sample and determining if it contains the antibodies that fight the virus. A positive result indicates the person had the virus in the past and is currently immune.”
“Dr. Elizabeth McNally, director of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Center for Genetic Medicine…’You’ll see many of these roll out in the next couple of weeks, and it’s great, and it will really help a lot,’ said McNally, noting doctors and scientists will be able to use it to determine just how widespread the disease is, who can safely return to work and possibly how to develop new treatments for those who are ill.”
Got that? A positive test means the patient is now immune to the virus and can walk outside and go back to work.

NBC News, April 4, has a somewhat different take: “David Kroll, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Colorado who has worked on antibody testing, explained that the antibodies [a positive test] mean ‘your immune system [has] remembered the virus to the point that it makes these antibodies that could inactivate any future viral infections’.”
“What the test can’t do is tell you whether you’re currently sick with coronavirus, whether you’re contagious, whether you’re fully immune — and whether you’re safe to go back out in public.”
“Because the test can’t be used as a diagnostic test, it would need to be combined with other information to determine if a person is sick with COVID-19.”

Oops. No, this really isn’t a diagnostic test, it doesn’t tell whether the patient is immune and can go back to work. Excuse me, what??

Business Insider, April 3: “The world’s leading industrial nations have so far failed to identify any coronavirus antibody tests that will be accurate enough for home use, according to the UK’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock.”
“The UK and other nations are currently examining plans to use antibody tests to allow individuals with immunity to COVID-19 to exit their national lockdowns early through the use of a so-called ‘immunity passport’.”
“Spain was recently forced to return tens of thousands of rapid coronavirus tests from a Chinese company after they were found to be accurate just 30% of the time.”
“Some tests have demonstrated false positives, detecting antibodies to much more common coronaviruses.”
“Scientists also remain unsure about the extent to which a past infection could prevent reinfection and how long an immunity would remain.”
Hmm. So the new antibody test has very serious problems, and it hasn’t been cleared for public use.
Medicine Net (undated): “Researchers at the Mount Sinai Health System say they’ve developed a test that can find out if you already have had or were infected with the new coronavirus.”
“The test is called “serological enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay,” or ELISA for short. It checks whether or not you have antibodies in your blood to SARS-CoV-2, the scientific name of the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”
“Researchers say ELISA works like antibody tests for other viruses, such as hepatitis B. It will show whether your immune system — the body’s defense against germs — made contact with SARS-CoV-2, even months before.”
“The test could help scientists fight the pandemic in several ways. It can give researchers a more accurate measure of how many people had the new coronavirus. It would also let health care workers who were ill with COVID-19 symptoms, but were never tested for the disease, return to work — confident that they are now immune.”

So wait, it’s a great test. Right? A positive test result indicates immunity, and people can return to work. What??
Science News, March 27: “The United Kingdom has ordered 3.5 million antibody tests, which would show whether someone has been exposed to COVID-19. Such tests, which just take a drop of blood, could help reveal people who have been exposed to the virus and are now likely immune, meaning they could go back to work and resume their normal lives.”
“Science News spoke with David Weiner, director of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, and Charles Cairns, dean of the Drexel University College of Medicine, about how antibody tests work and what are some of the challenges of developing the tests.”

“Cairns: ‘The big question is: Does a positive response for the antibodies mean that person is actively infected, or that they have been infected in the past? The tests need to be accurate, and avoid both false positives and false negatives. That’s the challenge’.”
Oops again. Cairns is saying the new test, if it reads positive, might mean the person is infected now. Or it might mean they were infected—and are now presumably immune. Figuring out which is the challenge. No kidding. It’s the difference between sick and healthy. So a positive test result means the patient is sick OR healthy.

As a reference, let’s look at how this same antibody test has been used in the past. For example, in the case of hepatitis A:
URMC Rochester (undated): This test looks for antibodies in your blood called IgM. The test can find out whether you are infected with the hepatitis A virus (HAV)…If your test is positive or reactive, it may mean: You have an active HAV infection…You have had an HAV infection within the last 6 months.”

In other words, a positive antibody test could mean you’re sick now, or were once sick but are presumably immune now. Wonderful.
Medscape comments on the meaning of a positive antibody test for the Zika virus: “…immunoglobulin (Ig) M and neutralizing antibody testing can identify additional recent Zika virus infections…However, Zika virus antibody test results can be difficult to interpret because of cross-reactivity with other flaviviruses…”

Two things here: no word about a positive test result revealing IMMUNITY from Zika; and a warning that a positive test might not have anything to do with Zika at all—that’s what “cross-reactivity” means.
Medlineplus, referring to a Zika “blood test,” which would include antibody testing, states, “A positive Zika test result probably means you have a Zika infection.” Not immunity.

And there you have it. The official word on the COVID antibody test from official sources. It’s yes, no, and maybe. Public health officials can SAY whatever they want to about antibody tests: a positive result means you’re immune, it means you have an infection, it means you’re walking on the moon eating a hot dog.

Generally speaking, before 1984 a positive antibody test was taken to mean the patient had achieved immunity from a germ. After 1984, the science was turned upside down; a positive result meant the patient “had the germ” and was not immune. Now, with COVID-19, if you just read news headlines, a positive test means the patient is immune; but if you read down a few paragraphs, a positive test means the patient is maybe…maybe not…immune. Maybe infected, maybe not infected. Maybe sick, maybe not sick. And, on top of all that, antibody tests are known to read falsely positive, owing to factors that have nothing to do with the virus being tested for.
That concludes today’s foray into the world of lunatic contradictory propaganda masquerading as science.

You are now returned to the real world, where: the discovery of a new virus (COVID) is unproven; the notoriously useless PCR diagnostic test for the virus renders case numbers meaningless; and the proposition that COVID is a real disease with one cause is a con job.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.


.The U.S. Surgeon General has stated that;

“Even in the worst projections, more people are going to die from cigarette smoking than from #CoronaVirus” this year.

#CoronaVirusHOAX #StopLockdown #EconomicCollapse

The United States mounted a complex, multi-faceted and long-term response to the pandemic, summarized in The 2009 H1N1 Pandemic: Summary Highlights, April 2009-April 2010. On August 10, 2010, WHO declared an end to the global 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. However, (H1N1)pdm09 virus continues to circulate as a seasonal flu virus, and cause illness, hospitalization, and deaths worldwide every year.